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Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
. shame on him for saying here's an ultimatum. i'm angry at u.s. for something else. let's use the children as pawns. >> mcfadden should know. she studied in moscow, ran her on adoption ascreen si for 20 years and her nieces and nephews were arrested two. the fraternal twins were premature. at age 16 both now americanized but have a unique understanding of this new law in their native russia. >> they seem very upset. i don't know where i would be if i wasn't adoesn't. the kids in the orphanages don't have many more chances of a life they can love. >> reporter: or a family to be part of. it's estimated there are 750, 000, orphans in russia, many no may not know a life fulfilled. >> i'm devastated for the families but for the children. they will grow up in an orphanage and will not know the love of family. >> reporter: currently there are 46 russian children already approved to be adopted by american families. debra and other organizations are asking our state department to put pressure or beg russia to let those 46 children come to america but with president putten signing the law t
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
approaches. you can see it's sparking snow along the u.s. canadian border. tonight 31, partly cloudy, rather cold. tomorrow we get close to 50. i don't think we'll get there. some spots like southern anne arundel county. 42, mostly cloudy, mild. so, again, the big changes and the outlook, significant warmup for saturday. perhaps the cold air edges back, drops into the upper 50s on sunday. as we look into early next week we think the mild air edges back. the cold air comes in tuesday into wednesday and thursday. so it's back and forth here and, it's tough to say how this pans out. we know tomorrow will be cold. sunday, stay tuned. >> like a roller coaster. >> whether i -- whipsaw. >> if you needed a whipsaw in annapolis, where would you go? steven's. >> the building has an uncertain future. steven's hardware will shut their doors after more than 50 years in business. the owners say it hurts to shut down but three just can't afford to keep the store open. >> when you can see it's not practical anymore and it's not working out, you have to do something. this is like having a death in our family
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
them to any celebree learning centers or abc2 studios. >>> this time last year u.s. military members were deployed in afghanistan. now they're spending christmas with their families. some local companies have stepped up to help. >> reporter: last year he was stationed in iraq. his wife mary was home trying to hold down the fork. >> it would take me three days to mow it. i had to do it during nap time. >> reporter: his service helps veterans maintain their lawns. >> it was nearly impossible for her to take care of the lawn, so we took care of the lawn for the summer. >> reporter: als the christmas season approached, rob's season turned to decorating houses. >> decorate their house. they liked the idea. >> this is the last thing you think about doing. you're trying to survive christmas. >> reporter: jeff didn't return from iraq until april and didn't see the decorated house. so rob decided to do the house again for free. >> i know it's from his heart. he's doing it for the veterans. he's in the spirit of giving. >>> i think it's wonderful, great. >> reporter: besides, if the ch
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
to indicate that obesity and extreme obesity in u.s. children may have begun to decline. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> some improvement in terms of new precipitation coming down. still got rain if eastern sealsle county and some showers wrapping in on the back side of this thing into carroll county. i'll put maryland's most powerful radar into motion. there's cold air on the back edge. we have a mixed showers scenario where you am some of the higher snow totals, totals pushing three inches well west of baltimore. radar indicated rain, damascus. there could be snow mixing in with that. take a look at the overall setup. a winter weather advisory. the eastern set of those advisories only last through 7 p.m. we'll see if there's an extension in the higher country. you have an advisory overnight for much more winter conditions. high wind conditions will be a could be certain. tonight and tomorrow through the afternoon tomorrow winds could push 40 miles an hour. we already have early reports of power outage. weather in most throughout the day, check this out. man,
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
you and showing their thanks for the bailout they received. they want taxpayers to know the u.s. treasury made a multibillion dollar profit on giving that loan. the thank you mesh ad campaign claims the government has more than $20 billion in the deal. >>> a westminster mans dead after a car crashed at carroll hospital center. it happened just after 8:00. >> reporter: tire tracks cut through the grass in front of the sleep center at carroll hospital center showinged unexpected path a driver took this morning. >> we had a vehicle enter the hospital grounds, lose control, go across the lawn and strike part of our building. >> reporter: turns out the driver of that vehicle had a medical emergency while he was behind the wheel. the carroll county sheriff's office said 78-year-old thomas skipper, jr. jumped the curve and ran over a tree before crashing into an office window. >> there was someone siting in that area. luckily, he were not injured. >> reporter: that window is now covered with a tarp closed up so the facility can continue operating. skipper was taken steps away to the em
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5